Goddess worship in the modern world

Francesca's practised free style witchcraft for more than 20 years. Exuberating a passion for helping people manifest magickal transformations in the modern world, she works extensively with Gods and Goddesses and created the exclusive Child of Bones magickal product range that was inspired by Deity. Prediction magazine. U.K Oct 2012

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The child of bones website provides magickal information on brewcraft, spell suggestions and magickal potions based on old magick techniques including; spirit speaks, ritual and altar offerings and magickal streams. We sell magickal goods. Child of Bones potions are designed for manifesting magickal results. All Child of Bones magickal potions have been sourced under the instruction of the spiritual presences that sponsor each potion. All ingredients are selected from the most pristine available produce with absolutely no substitutes and contain therein no artificial synthetic nastiness, nor fillers.