Black Widow



The predominant magickal qualities or traits with the “Black Widow” stream of power are listed below.

The following qualities define what is particularly beneficial for ones magickal working, compatibility and outcome. There are, and always will be, variations and I do not purport to have captured the essence of the deity’s magick in this brief summary.

Each “Child of Bones” potion which is sponsored by the above Deity or Ally may be personalized to attract and enhance a particular magickal quality held organically within that stream (if willing). This is further ensured if the potion is activated by you - by way of adding to the potion’s contents something of yourself and working a specific magickal pathway that falls within the following traits:

 • The path of the Dark Goddess.
 • Defensive magick. Protection.
 • Transmuting internal poison(s)/external poison(s).
 • Camouflage.
 • Psychic defence.
 • Curse; hex; vow work
   (in either the resolving sense or otherwise).
 • Sacred sexuality, using this pathway
   as a powerful tool for transformation.

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